• Contracting With Us

    Engaging KG Services

    Kilda Group offers clients convenient ways to engage our services.

    We are available through:

    1. Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) set-asides and sole source
    2. GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract (GS10F0314T)
    3. Small Business set-asides
    4. Subcontracting - Kilda Group is available through other Prime vendors as a subcontractor
    GSA logo with Kilda Group contract number GS10F0314T

    Benefits of Doing Business With Us

    • Top Quality
    • Exceptional Value
    • Supports Federal procurement guidelines and targets

    Reduced Costs

    • No labor rate mark-ups
    • No management overhead burdens

    Better communications

    • Direct communications between you and Kilda Group consultants
    • No third party contractual barriers or required communications path

    Increased responsiveness

    • No layers between you and Kilda Group consultants
    • Monthly feedback reviews with Kilda Group project manager; Daily check-ins

    Procurement compliance

    • 23 percent of prime contracts set aside for small businesses
    • 3 percent of prime and subcontracts for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB)

    For supplemental SDVOSB procurement references/information, see the following:

    • Executive Order 13360 increases federal contracting and subcontracting opportunities with SDVOSBs.
    • Treasury AB No 08-03 establishes and lists required procedures for solicitation of SDVOSBs.
    • P L 106-50 expands existing and established new assistance programs for veterans who own or operate small businesses.

    There are acquisitions flexibilities… check out FAR Subpart 18.1 for a list.

    For more information or to pursue procurement, please contact us.

    Kelley McConnell, Contracts Representative

    or phone: (410) 990-1819

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